Tian’s course really gets down to the nitty gritty of pattern writing. Besides the fine tune details, you really get to look in yourself and figure out who you are as a designer. What do you want to achieve? How far do you want to go?

The best part of course though is the feeling you get when you e-mail back and forth with Tian. It’s almost like she’s there holding your hand though the scary bits and will be your biggest cheerleader.

At the end of the course you will have written a full written pattern, that you have designed yourself! Yay you!!
— Ashlee Lackovic

Happy Clients


Hi Tian,

Just wanted to touch base and say thanks so much - I went through all of the edit suggestions and they’re all clear and easy to understand.  I’m just getting the finishing touches done on the finished product and will release on Sunday and tag you on Instagram.

Thanks again - hopefully I’ll be in touch soon for some more tech edits!

— Beckie.

It looks great! The tech editing really improved the pattern. I'm so excited to see the book!

— Michelle

All of your improvements look great- thank you so much for all your hard work, and I’m sorry I didn’t send in a perfect pattern! I can’t wait to see the issue- thanks again!

— Bonnie F.

Hi Tian—

Thanks so much!

There were some great catches in your read. Much appreciated!

— Matthew t.

Springhouse Press


Tian is an amazing tech editor, teacher and mentor. She has inspired me, encouraged me, and help me reach a level with my patterns I didn’t think I was possible. I am forever grateful for all the things she has helped me with. Her pattern writing courses explained things in a way that I could easily understand but, it was so much more than teaching. Her motivating spirit helped me along the way and brought up my confidence as a designer. Tian has always celebrated my successes as if they were her own. Her tech editing of my patterns was professional, very thorough and gave my patterns that little extra thing that I needed that helped me achieve success with them. I highly recommend Tian for anyone looking to learn about pattern writing, the business of knitting and designing or for tech editing needs.

— Ashlee Lackovic

Tian has been very inspirational in getting some marketing tasks underway.  I had really fought social media & collecting email address for doing email blasts.  Eventually I gave in to Social Media.  Tian has encouraged me to do weekly live FB videos, which I believe gives some “personalization” to posts.  Customers start to feel familiar with these videos and they feel more like they KNOW me which I believe adds credibility to me and my business.  It’s a task, but I will continue to do this and hope it continues to grow.  I recently also gave in to the collection of email addresses.  Again, this is a chore and after doing some marketing research and this was backed up by what Tian has seen with her own sales, I will start to do some email marketing with newsletters.  I have yet to send one out as I JUST started to collect emails addresses, but I will send my 1st newsletter out next week.  I hope to see an increase in online sales for both my Yarns & my hand made items available in my farmstore.  So I’d say that my business was doing well before this marketing strategy, but I am seeing a slow and steady increase in website visitors & sales.  

— Erica Dwyer

Thank you for your great work on this pattern.

— Renate K.

As always, thank you for your careful editing of this pattern. I am in agreement with all of your changes and have accepted all the edits.

— Sandi R.