S1 E10 - Q+A

In this episode, I’m answering your questions, about failures, how to land clients, biggest lessons learned.

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S1 E9 - How to deal with jealousy?

In today’s episode, we’re talking about jealousy.

Let's see a show of hands, you see a new design on Ravelry, it’s climbing the ranks on the way to the top 10 hot right now list and you’re thinking “this is a stupid easy pattern I could have made”.

You see a really new designer blowing up on IG, getting all kinds of accolades from big names in the industry and you’re thinking, “she just got here, how's she getting so popular so fast”.

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S1 E8 – How to deal with copycats

Did you copy me or did I copy you? How to deal with (maybe) copycats.

Yes. No. Maybe?

Listen to the podcast for the questions to ask yourself. Some possible solutions.

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S1 E7 - Pricing... am I doing it right?

In this episode, we are talking about pricing. And the question is, "Am I doing it right?"

This episode is intended to give you some framework to help you think about how YOU might want to price your offer because this is your business, your pattern, your whatever and YOU get set the price. And just remember, price is never perfect or even permanent. You can see what works, pivot, and make adjustments whenever you want.

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S1 E6 - What to do when a design fails

In this episode, we’re talking about a topic that affects all of us, whether you’re a designer or maker of any kind. And that topic is what to do when a design idea fails? Story of my life and maybe yours too. But despite failures and things not working out as expected, I’m never upset to have taken the risk in the first place REGARDLESS of the result.

S1 E4 - Permission Slip

On today’s episode, I am handing out permission slips. I talk to a lot of crocheters and knitters aspiring to start designing, and the thing that keeps coming up over and over is this idea that each of them needs to reach a particular milestone or achievement to be able to start designing.  

S1 E3 - What to do when you feel like a fraud?

In episode 3, we're talking about our fear. We all struggle with imposter syndrome. We live in constant fear of being found out... that everyone will find out we’re frauds. And it’s that self-sabotaging mindset that is holding us back from achieving our highest purpose. In this episode, we flip the switch on the negative self-talk and look at some strategies for when those fraudy feelings are just kicking your butt and we need s bit of help keep us on track.

S1 E2 - Do you want to start designing and are wondering why even bother?

Episode 2 is about tackling the major questions crochet and knitwear designers are facing and looking at ways to get past some of the doubts in order to step into what we’re meant to do. We are getting to the bottom of the major questions many aspiring designers ask and the biggest question you are likely asking yourself right now... why even bother when there are already tons of amazing designers out there?