S1 E9 - How to deal with jealousy?

S1 E9 - How to deal with jealousy?

Let's see a show of hands:

  1. You see a new design on Ravelry, it’s climbing the ranks on the way to the top 10 Hot Right Now list and you’re thinking “this is a stupid easy pattern I could have made”.

  2. You see a really new designer blowing up on IG, getting all kinds of accolades from big names in the industry and you’re thinking, “she just got here, how's she getting so popular so fast”.

  3. You keep seeing what you perceive to be this basic designer with her basic patterns making moves and getting opportunities by yarn companies, event organizers, everybody and you wish you were getting it too.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about jealousy. Yep, the good the bad and most definitely the ugly.

If you are struggling with jealousy, I’d love to work with you in a one-on-one coaching session. For more information, go to TianConnaughton.com/coaching.

I hope you were able to take away something from this episode. If anything I mentioned in this episode resonated with you, reach out on Instagram (@KnitDesignsbyTian) and leave a comment in the post for this episode. Let’s have some real conversation there around jealousy and competition. If you enjoyed the episode, rate, review, hit subscribe and share with 5 of your crafty friends that you think need to hear this. I can’t wait to talk to you again soon. Bye for now! One-on-One coaching: TianConnaughton.com/coaching

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