Putting out a knit or crochet pattern is super fun and exciting. You get to write out your ideas to share with the world. You hit {PUBLISH} and your baby, the pattern you have been working on sometimes for quite some time, is out in the world for everyone to enjoy. 

But you didn't count on all the emails. They are coming in faster than you can respond. Something is wrong with the pattern! 

You're overwhelm!

You didn't count on all the support you would need to provide. Dealing with pattern support can be a nightmare if your design is full of errors or not clear. 

Tian Connaughton // KnitDesigns by Tian tech edit

Tian Connaughton // KnitDesigns by Tian tech edit

You don't want to get tons of email and Ravelry messages from angry knitters and crocheters finding errors or not understanding what you "meant to say." That is no fun and it kills your credibility for quality patterns. And it kills your desire and drive to put out more designs of your original ideas. 

Make the emails and Ravelry messages you get be ones that praise your design and not condemn the pattern. 


So what does a Tech Editor do: A tech editor does more than just read over the pattern for punctuations and grammar. A Tech Editor checks for pattern clarity and consistency, areas that might cause misunderstanding and misinterpretation, so that the pattern says what you "mean to say." Also, a Tech Editor check your math, grading, and schematics so you’ll be confident the pattern will work.

That's just the basics.  

Want to hire me to tech edit your next knit and crochet design? COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW.

What does KnitDesigns by Tian do? How am I different? 

The basics are not good enough. I provide more. 

I have been a knit & crochet designer since 2008. I have been a tech editor since 2010. My background is in corporate finance and accounting where I wrote training manuals for new and existing employees, state side and abroard. This has allowed me to hone my skills in creating instructions that are clearly written for many different skill levels to understand. Additionally, I've written reports and edited published quarterly reports for head of departments. Numbers and clearly presenting information to a wide spectrum audience is how I spent my days.

What my tech edit clients are saying: 

"Thanks, Tian, for the great edits!  I’ve made the changes you suggested."

"Tian is an amazing tech editor, teacher and mentor. She has inspired me, encouraged me, and help me reach a level with my patterns I didn’t think I was possible. I am forever grateful for all the things she has helped me with. Her pattern writing courses explained things in a way that I could easily understand but, it was so much more than teaching. Her motivating spirit helped me along the way and brought up my confidence as a designer. Tian has always celebrated my successes as if they were her own. Her tech editing of my patterns was professional, very thorough and gave my patterns that little extra thing that I needed that helped me achieve success with them. I highly recommend Tian for anyone looking to learn about pattern writing, the business of knitting and designing or for tech editing needs." ~ 
Ashlee Lackovic, Smashlee Stitches

"Thanks for your support and helping me figure out the next step. You are a great cheerleader." ~ E.

Beyond my corporate background, why hire me? 

I give advise on the overall pattern ranging from gauge, to tone consistency, to layout. I create schematics and charts so you can reach a wider audience. Beyond that, I work with YOU until the pattern is polished, not just until the billable hour is up. 

What you get?

You get 2 edits: 1) the Initial Full Tech Edit, and 2) a Final Quick Review.

When you hire me, you preserve your individual voice throughout your pattern, which I think is very important for designers to develop and maintain their writing styles. 

Additionally, you get a report {I did mention I have a background in Finance and Accounting, so reports are kinda part of my DNA, my life blood}. But don't worry. The report is supper short and filled with stuff you want to read, such as notations for suggested changes and recommendations on area to strengthen the pattern. I am here until you hit {PUBLISH}.


Quick Note on the 2nd Final Quick Review

As the title indicates, this is a quick review of your updates from the initial tech edit. If you make whole pattern changes (i.e. change from short sleeves to long sleeves, change the chart, etc), where a full review will be needed, additional fees will incur, based on my hourly rate of $35/hours billed at 15-minutes increment.

What to expect from my tech edits:

"Looks good, very thorough. Thanks!"


Your Payments:

Payments are due immediately upon receipt of invoice. Once the initial tech edit is complete, I will send you a Paypal invoice. Payment is due prior to return of the final edit. Your second review will not be completed with full payment, unless we’ve made prior arrangements.

Tech Editing Fee Schedule

Tech Editing Fee Schedule

Want to hire me to tech edit your next knit and crochet design AND to inquire on current availability - at least 7 business days turnaround required ? 


Check out my "NO-SURPRISE" Fee Structure below.

BONUS: After your pattern goes live, let me know and I will share with my audience.


Because a rising tide lifts all boats!

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When do you need your edit(s) back?
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